Invest directly in commercial solar generation projects

The qualifications required by a business to be considered for investment by LSG include:

For qualified businesses, LSG can provide:

For the benefit of all stakeholders, the duration of the set price power purchase agreement matches the duration of the unit trust investment agreement.


Project funding

Each project is funded by an individual unit trust. Investors become unit holders in a particular, specified trust, with a trustee company managing the affairs of the trust. Each trust has a maximum of 20 unit holders. Different amounts can be invested, with payments back to investors made in direct proportion to their investment value and unit holdings.

Each trust has a contract with LSG and LSG uses the raised capital to pay for the project's solar power system installation. LSG owns the system and is responsible for maintenance and quarterly billing to the supplied business for solar power consumed.

For every kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar power generated, LSG pays the trust a specified price. This rate may be constant over the full term of the trust for some projects, while for others it may increase incrementally. Investors can receive reliable payments over the full term of the trust.

LSG charges a small fee as set in the Information Memorandum to provide the services to satisfy the trust’s reporting, regulatory and operational requirements. Payment for the services are deducted from revenue before distribution to unit holders in proportion to their holdings. A small levy is also applied for LSG’s undertakings to source new projects and investors.


Investors receive repayments with interest

Payments are made quarterly to unit holders after the project's solar power system becomes operational. Total payment is calculated by multiplying kWh generated during the period by the contracted price per kWh, as set out in the contract with LSG.

Payments to individual investors in the unit trust are proportional to the number of units held in that project. Payments comprise capital and profit share components, with profit share reportable as taxable income.

Investors have the added assurance of absolute transparency. Unit holders have access to online digital monitoring of the solar power system which can be accessed via app on their smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor power generation output and to audit reported figures.

Becoming an investor is rewarding and easy

All registered members will be advised by email when new investment projects are ready for consideration. Full project details can be seen by logging in to the members' area of this website.

After reading the project summary and clicking on 'interested', you will be emailed:

Units will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis and, once allotted, a deadline will be advised for funds to be deposited into LSG’s account to secure investments.